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Vehicles for iPad - My First App

As I said the app is broken into 3 sections, or mini-games. The first is a puzzle, the second a matching/turning picture game, and the third is sort of like pinball. The great thing about the games is that they are just right for young kids. The puzzle is perfect for preschoolers (or even younger), as it can be made to break each picture into 2-9 pieces, and can either spread/mix up those pieces thoroughly or just a little. I also loved that the app didn’t MAKE the user put the pieces together 100% correct, as some apps do, forcing the child to keep trying. The pinball game makes great use of the accelerometer, and the matching/turning game is something preschoolers can enjoy as well.

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The best part about My First App Vehicles, is that there are no ads, no links, no in-app purchases, nothing. It’s just the app, created for young kids to enjoy…which makes parents like myself very happy.
The only criticism I have for this app, and it is very picky, but I wish the name of the app on the iPad was different from “MyFirstApp”. That’s it. Everything else is spot on…the sounds, the wonderful colors, the images, the games, the interactions, the interface, all of it. It’s just a near perfectly created app for young kids, and a job well done! Check it out.


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