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No Problem! No iPad Camera?

Among other complaints levied by those who argue against not only purchasing an iPad at this point, but also those that completely dislike Apple altogether, is the fact that the iPad lacks a camera.  An omission I too do not agree with, but which did not prevent me from ordering two of the glorious devices.

Great news for those wishing to counter the naysayers in a manner that makes the omission irrelevant, and in fact, makes the fact that you have an iPad lacking a camera and iPhone (must be a 3GS version) with one, better than if the iPad had its very own camera.  All it takes is $.99 and the download of two apps and suddenly you can use your iPhone via Bluetooth, as a wireless camera for your iPad.
Here’s how it works, download the Camera A app for iPad for $.99 and the Camera B app for your iPhone, free.  When the apps are loaded, activate the Bluetooth feature, launch both apps and what your camera captures on your iPhone, will appear on your iPad.  Magic!
To capture a picture, tap the camera icon on the bottom of your iPad screen at which point you will be prompted to confirm that you indeed want to save the photo.  If you do, confirm, and you are done.  Further, to save the photo to both devices, simply elect to do so via a press/swipe of the switch on the lower right hand portion of the device’s screens.


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