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Feel Sexy in 2012 (12 Ways)

I suggest a paradigm shift. Try this: "I will see when you believe." This saying reflects the way the Law of Attraction works, we attract into our lives what we think and focus on consistent and authentic. Consistency means that the train your mind to concentrate on what you want, not what you do not. Authenticity means that you can take advantage of the sentiment behind the idea that you exercise your mind.

Change the way you feel and think about yourself is really that simple. That does not mean it's easy, inertia is a powerful force. Many people prefer to have a little (or more) miserable you must do to changes. But it's simple, you just have to be consistent and authentic.
12 tips to feel sexy in 2012
1. Look in the mirror every day. Close-ups, so you can look in his eyes. Smile and say 'I love you. "Do this every day until you really, truly, deeply believe. Do not be surprised if this seemingly simple exercise brings tears to the eyes.
2. Think of a time when I felt sexy and confident. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and fully immerse yourself in the memory. Remember all the details you can, until you feel the emotions bubbling to the surface. Clinging to the feelings of a few seconds, while still strong, open your eyes and smile. You are trained to feel sexy and confident when you do it regularly.
3. Let your clothes reflect that. Go through your closet and get rid of clothes that do not fit or feel. If not love, is a donation. You have to love anything or need. Every time you wear sloppy clothes, ill fitting, you say you do not deserve to feel sexy. This does not mean you should always carry. Simple, casual wear and can continue.
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4. Thurs your favorite costume. Find a full length mirror. Price yourself out loud about how good you look, and be specific. Parade through the room and hit a few poses. Smile when you do that, you know it's all about attitude!
5. Sign up for pole dancing classes. No, I'm not kidding. Taking classes at least for one month. Not only is the pole dancing workout launching an ass, but can not help but feel sexy ... and strong and powerful ... when you move. As an added bonus, the classes make you stronger and safer, and there's nothing sexier than a strong, confident woman.
6. Take the initiative. If you have a romantic partner, take the initiative and do something sexual that you have ever done. I guarantee you, your partner will be so happy, I feel like a goddess. Do you have an idea? Try this: look at him (or her) eyes, the chin down what you're looking in the eyes. Saying, "I want to love ... right now." Take your hand and into the bedroom. Even that little spark initiative to bring the action.
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7. Learn to hula hoop. It is cheap, and you can find plenty of great tutorials on YouTube. Placing that enters your body, and if you are in harmony with your body that are easy to handle right. It helps to loosen the hips, making it easier to express their feelings. I know it might sound strange, but to save energy hip pain. Tight hips means much pain, and is difficult to feel sexy if you have a lot of unspoken pain.
8. Give yourself permission to feel sexy. One of the greatest gifts of the body of a woman is filled with soft lines and curves. That sexy does not mean you're stupid. That sexy does not mean you think your value is in its beauty. This means that you'll appreciate the body you have. This means you do not have to compete with men on their own ground, you have your account. Gone are the days when women find confidence in yourself to act like men. Acting as a real woman!
9. Do something creative. The second chakra is the home of sexuality and creativity. It is a wheel of energy in the pelvic bowl. Its center, women in the womb. Energy, creativity and sexuality are inextricably linked. If you are really determined to try to feel sexy, do something creative instead. So say you're not an artist? Bake something, or experimenting with a new recipe dinner. It argues that the creative juices flowing and gives you the same lift energetic as any of these other steps.
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10. Take a dance exercise class. NIA and Zumba are the most popular, and are also hybrid yoga dance classes to take. Or you could fulfill a childhood dream and take ballet, jazz and tap classes. Dance lessons help you to get in touch with your body, how it feels, how it moves, what you need. If you are in contact with her sexy body. Best of all, you do not have to be in good shape to begin with and they will help you more fit and healthy.
11. SMILE! The smile is sexy. It makes you feel good, and when he laughs, people around you feel good. The smile is contagious, and in some cases, people will wonder what you did. This combination of flavors is sexy and mysterious.
12. "Love" yourself. Give yourself an orgasm (or two) before leaving the city with her friends. The endorphins flowing through your body, the subtle scent of pheromones, lead wild boys. The fact that you are responsible for your sexual pleasure is to promote and very sexy. And every time you have your little secret, you get a grin or a smile on your face.


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