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FAQ Gift Card

Q: What is the difference between gift cards and gift certificates?

Most people use the terms gift card and gift certificate interchangeably. Additionally, some gift certificates are called gift cheques or gift vouchers, but these are really basically the same. Traditionally, gift certificates are paper and gift cards are plastic, but there can be other differences.

Gift certificates are used as cash, the certificate itself stores the value. Gift cards normally work more like a credit card with fixed limit.

Gift cards (sometimes called prepaid cards and cash cards) work more like saved frequent flier points or the credit limit on a credit card. The value is not in the card, it is in your account, a number stored on a computer somewhere. This is why gift cards frequently need to be activated when you buy them. This is also why most gift cards can be replaced if they are lost or stolen and why most allow you to check the value online. Be sure to read about how this impacts you when buying discount gift cards on eBay.

While it is not usually the case with gift cards some "cash cards" and "prepaid cards" are actually stored-value cards, where the value is in the card itself and there is no central database. This type of card is most commonly used in public transit systems and is sometimes called digital cash.
Q: Where do discount gift cards come from?

Lots of discounted Gift cards are the result of well intentioned gifts that missed the mark. Some are sales by people who are simply in need of quick cash. Find out how to protect yourself from gift card scams on eBay.
Q: What should I know about buying a discounted gift card on eBay?

It is easy, and if you follow a few common sense guidelines you should avoid any problems and save some money. The quick summary is to make sure you know what you are getting and ask questions about your discount gift card to clarify anything. After buying discount gift card check the value and use them right away. If you are new to eBay or concerned with eBay fraud, read our guide to buying gift cards on eBay


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