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facebook shortcut

Facebook Shortcuts for Google Chrome :-

Alt+1: New Feed see
Alt+2: self Profile see
Alt+3: Friend Requests  pop-up see
Alt+4: Messages  pop-up see
Alt+5: Notifications pop-up see
Alt+6: Account Satting see
Alt+7: Privacey Satting see
Alt+8: Facebook self Profile see
Alt+9: Read latest terms of service agreement
Alt+?: do Search
Alt+M: new Message write

Facebook Shortcuts for firefox  shortcuts:-

Shift+Alt+1: New Feed see
Shift+Alt+2: self Profile see
Shift+Alt+3: Friend Requests  pop-up see
Shift+Alt+4: Messages  pop-up see
Shift+Alt+5: Notifications pop-up see
Shift+Alt+6: Account Satting see
Shift+Alt+7: Privacey Satting see
Shift+Alt+8: Facebook self Profile see
Shift+Alt+9: Read latest terms of service agreement
Shift+Alt+?: do Search
Shift+Alt+M: new Message write



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