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Buying Domains on eBay 10 Tips

1. apprehend the worth of What Are shopping for

There are voluminous resources on the net to see the worth of domains. If you're shopping for three character domains 3character.com provides a worth guide every month. Another nice supply of historical worth knowledge is EBay itself. At EBay.com click on purchase tab. within the search box kind in 'domain names' and click on on the Search button. The brings up the subsequent navigation:

Computers & Networking > different Hardware & Services > Domain Names > .com

Click on the Domain Names link to induce an inventory of all domain names. currently click on the Advanced Search link. Then next page click on the checkbox close to the highest that claims "Completed Listings Only" and make sure that the 'In this Category' decide list reads 'Domain Names'. currently scroll to very cheap and click on on the 'Search' button. you ought to currently see a list of recent selling things. {the things|the things} in red are those that didn't sell and also the inexperienced items are those that did sell.

2. Check Buyer Feedback

After every EBay transaction each the customer and seller are invited to rate the performance of the opposite. This provides a valuable rating tool that permits you be comfy that the vendor can perform their oblgations once you pay them for a website. On the way right of every EBay listing could be a section that claims "Meet the Seller". To the correct of the sellers name could be a range in brackets - this means the quantity of distinctive feedbacks by different buyer or sellers. Below this can be the proportion of positive feedbacks. Personally I rummage around for distinctive feedbacks of a minimum of ten and % positive feedback of 100 percent or at the smallest amount within the high 90's. you'll be able to click on the feedback range to check the individual comments of different EBay'ers who have bought or sold together with your potential seller.

Of course you'll be able to never eliminate the chance that seller won't perform however knowing your seller you'll be able to signficantly limit the chance. I even have done many purchases on EBay and my losses from non-perfoming sellers - but a dollar.

3. Double check the domain extension

If you wish a .com domain confirm that confirm its what you're shopping for. a couple of times I've browse through the domain description too quickly and ended up shopping for a .net domain or .info domain after I thought i used to be shopping for a .com domain. Ouch!

4. Check for handling charges

A few domain sellers charge a handling charge for transferring the domain to you. browse the EBay listing fastidiously to check if there's a handling charge. If there's a handling charge deduct this quantity from the utmost that you simply are willing to pay money for the domain.

5. Check the Registar

If you have got a favorite registrar where you wish all of your domains to be located confirm that the domain is already at that registrar. Or if you're willing to just accept a website at a special registrar - make sure that registrar offers a free push. Among the registrars giving a free push of a website to a brand new account are GoDaddy, Moniker, ENom, Fabulous, Dotster, DynaDot, DomainSite and NameCheap.com. If its a special registrar create a fast check of the online web site to confirm that a free push is obtainable.

6. Check the Expiry Date

Once you get a reputation you may be liable for any renewals. Some sellers place names on EBay that are getting ready to expire. you'll still conceive to purchase however you would like to bear in mind of the upcoming renewal fee. Best place to see each the registrar and also the expiry date could be a whois checker like Whois.sc or fairly often the registrar and expiry date are listed within the item description.

7. If it's to be smart to be true...

If you see a very valuable domain being offered for pennies on the dollar take care - fraud will happen on EBay - you do not wish to be consequent victim. some of stuff you will do. One merely|is just|is solely} to forget the listing on the speculation that it simply is just too smart to be true. Alternatively you'll contact the owner of the domain using the whois data and ensure that the owner is for selling on EBay. otherwise you will is contact the vendor via their EBay listing and raise if they're going to settle for payment via Escrow.com - see suggestion below.

8. for giant amounts

If you're not comfy paying the anticipated worth thanks to the potential for fraud an possibility is paying through Escrow.com. you may have to be compelled to contact the vendor to verify that they're going to settle for payment via Escrow.com and to debate who can pay the escrow charges. Normally the escrow charges are either paid by the customer or split between the customer and seller. If the customer will not settle for escrow - move on to consequent domain - there is voluminous opportunities to shop for.

9. Use sniping software

Sniping software is employed on EBay to automatically place bids simply a couple of seconds before an auction ends. The advantage of sniping software is that you simply avoid bidding early which might tend to drive up the worth of the domain. By using sniping software you get to bid within the final seconds of the auction while not having to be at your laptop when the auction ends. The sniping software that i exploit is Auction Defender - on the market at AuctionDefender.com. A free trial version of the program is out there. value of the program is $14.95 with a charge of $9.95 per year once the primary year if you wish to still receive support and upgrades.

10. Be selective on the auctions you bid on

While there are a couple of gems there also are plenty of junk domains listed on EBay. Domains that are poor names, the incorrect extension or simply overpriced. you may be plenty comfortable shopping for specializing in quality instead of trying to each domain on the list.

These suggestions could seem complicated however once a couple of days of reviewing EBay listings you will be bidding sort of a professional.


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