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Idea Sex Is a Power Of Man

Sex is an activity which occurs between peoples of opposite gender. In it generally the male counterpart inserts his penis a number of times into the vagina of the women. There are generally two types of sex, one is noisy and horny while the other being polite. One must also understand the difference between sex and oral sex. Oral sex involves the use of mouth and tongue but not the pubic organs.

It is generally the safer choice as chances of infection are quite less. Certainly when the word sex is pronounced, there arrives a responsibility of having safe sex. Safe sex can be done by using protective shields such as condoms. Now a days both male and female condoms are available in the markets which are equally effective. Condoms are a thin layered sheath which is covered over the erectile penis which is ready to enter the vagina.
There are some lubricants which are used over the condoms so as to reduce the force of friction between the body parts. Lubricants provide a smoothing effect and thereby increases the life time of the condom. If lubricants are not used, then there are greater chances of the tearing up of the condom. In spite of condoms there are oral contraceptives which are available in the market. These contraceptives are helpful in preventing pregnancies but not the sexually transmitted diseases.
Generally an oral contraceptive pill which is taken within an interval of 72 hours. It uses the hormones to control the birth rate. The efficiency of a pill when used correctly is about 97-98%.the side effects of these pills are almost negligible. As we know that with the usage of any oral drug there are chances of the occurring of side effects. However these side effects are quite mild. Among these side effects include certain weight changes, breast tenderness, irritability and nausea. However the effect of them is not severe but one should concern his doctor before taking one which suits you the best. T
here are also various positions of performing the sexual activity. For that one should study the Kamasutra which is known as the sex guide specially designed for the enjoyment of the people. This guide includes almost all positions of couple sexual interactivity. This not only guides them about various sexual positions but also guides about methods of safer sex. In today's date safe sex is of prime importance since more and more teens are getting involved in this activity, it is the responsibility of the government to impart sex education in school with proper guides.


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