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Eat More of What You Love: Over 200 Brand-New Recipes Low in Sugar, Fat, and Calories

Okay, I'm back to edit my review after having tried some of the recipes. Now, I wish I could give this book six stars. I have tried the Big Bowl Carrot Cake Oatmeal, the Buffalo Chicken Salad Sandwich, the Quiche, the General Tso's Chicken and the Pasta Pizza Pie. The Chicken Pot Pie Soup is next. Really? This is healthier eating? Did I mention that I've lost 2 pounds while eating these dishes? If you crave tasty food and are trying to eat healthier or if you are doing weight watchers, this book and its predecessor are essential.
These are the recipes that have helped me to make eating better a lifestyle change and not a diet. I got every ingredient I need for every dish at the local Wally-Mart. Some of these dishes freeze really well too. I'm with another reviewer....I'm ready for the next installment. In my kitchen, the first two books are tried and true. I'm Eating What I Love!

My Original Review (Before Trying Recipes):
WOW! I pre-ordered this book in January hoping that it would be as good as the first. It is! I have as many tabs and paper clips in the sequel as I put in the original "Eat What You Love" when I first received it. These books are so exciting. I am doing Weight Watchers, which is a a program that I am drawn too because it does not involve deprivation. If I crave, I will not stick to a weight loss/management plan. Sweet tooth, take-out, crunchy, creamy, cheesy, slow-cooked and comfort food...Together these books have a cure for whatever I'm craving and I can keep on losing weight. Just like the first book, this one contains easy recipes with common ingredients that anyone can further modify with little effort (if necessary) to meet their specific needs. If you do any cooking at all, you can just read the recipes and know that they will work out. I cannot wait until this weekend. I'm making chicken pot pie soup on Saturday night and buffalo chicken salad for lunch next week. Wow, that sounds good!


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