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Idea Mobile Sync

Synchronization will make your life simpler and more organized as you get the latest information, no matter what the tool you are currently working with. In simple terms, one time you have synchronized or more devices, any change that you make in any of the devices will get automatically reflected on the other. So, you do not require to make regular updates on all devices.

There is syncing application available known as iSync (an innovation of Apple) that lets you synchronize calendar and contact information including phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses and web addresses on your mobile phone and Mac. Even iPods and PDAs are iSync compatible. All you require to have is a Mac equipped with the iSync application application that can be downloaded free from the Apple web-site.

The iSync supports over twenty different types of mobile rings. Most of the mobile rings supported by iSync can be connected to your Mac through Bluetooth or a USB cable.

Setting up iSync is step towards syncing your mobile and Mac. In the event you are working with Bluetooth, you require to first pair your mobile phone and Mac over it. If the connection is by USB cable, you require to connect your mobile phone to your Mac using the USB cable. Afterwards, basically follow the steps mentioned below:

- One time the iSync window displays, click on 'Sync Devices'. This will start your Mac to scan for a tool nearby.

- Open the iSync application under the applications folder in the hard disk.

- Now, you can go ahead and start syncing your calendar and address book.

- Now, select 'Add Device' and double-click on the icon of your mobile phone. This will add your tool to the iSync window.

- In the event you require synchronization to work, you require to put the same/identical record for all contacts and calendar in your mobile phone and the Mac. Any discrepancy in terms of different spellings for the same contact in the devices won't lead to ideal synchronization. You will finish up getting multiple records for the same contact.

While you are going for mobile sync, there's few things that you require to take in to consideration. These are:


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