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Speed Your firefox 300% faster

Step_1: Open Firefox and blazon about:config in the abode bar breadth you commonly blazon a web address.

Step_2: Again bang the button: "I'll be careful, I promise".

Step_3: In the clarify bar beneath the abode bar blazon network.http.

Step_4: Double-click on "network.http.pipelin ing" to change the ambience from apocryphal to true.

Step_5: Double-click on "network.http.proxy.p ipelining" to change the bulk from apocryphal to true.

Step_6: Double-click on "network.http.pipelin ing.maxrequests" and change the cardinal to "30". This agency it will accomplish 30 requests at once.
(Normally the browser will accomplish one appeal to a web folio at a time. Back you accredit pipelining it will accomplish several at once, which absolutely speeds up folio loading.)

Step_7: Several curve aloft network.http.proxy.p ipelining you’ll see
"network.http.max-persistant-connections-per-proxy" and
Double-click anniversary band and change the bulk to "8".

Step_8: Two curve up locate and double-click on "network.http.max-connections" and set the bulk to "48".

Step_9: Now right-click (control-click on a Mac) anywhere in the agreement (the breadth area you’ve been authoritative the changes). Select "New" again "Integer".

Step_10: Back prompted, archetype and adhesive or blazon the afterward into the acreage provided: nglayout.initialpain t.delay.

Step_11: Back prompted to add a value, access the cardinal "0". This bulk is the bulk of time the browser waits afore it acts on advice it recieves.

Step_12: Close all windows and tabs. The changes will booty aftereffect back you restart Firefox
These changes acquiesce Firefox to accomplish assorted server access and will acceleration up folio downloads for better, added able use of your broadband connection. If you're application a broadband affiliation you'll amount pages MUCH faster now...


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