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Idea MSN Mobile Messaging

The MSN mobile messaging expertise is the blend of mobile expertise with the Web. can now send instant messages using the MSN messenger to any mobile tool. This is a convenient option as can send messages on the go while chatting with friends. Also, since SMS lends a more official feel to a message it is a great option while interacting with colleagues .

 needs to have mobile contacts, which is identical to the contact list on one's phone. Any new contact can basically be added by clicking the Add Contact tab on the MSN interface. The procedure to send a mobile message is identical to sending an instant message.

In addition, like instant messaging, it is feasible to view contacts that have mobile status. A yellow icon is present against the mobile contact. This icon turns green when the mobile is on & red while it is in an offline mode.

SMS standard is followed by most wireless providers to transfer instant messages. Enhanced messaging is loaded with more features such as display pics, & emoticons that can liven up the message. It also permits 2-way communication with any mobile tool. It also allows initiation of the instant message by the subscriber.

 may require to buy a mobile messaging package to make use of the instant messaging facility. These are like credit accounts for the mobile messages you send by the MSN messenger for mobile interface. The mobile messages require to be bought in bundles. MSN also has a feature that notifies when the credit gets exhausted.

In case there is a message that is sent to an offline mobile contact, he/she may receive it when the contact comes online. But again, the incorporation of this feature depends on the service provider.

Thus, the MSN mobile messaging is a great combination to keep in contact with friends & acquaintances.


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