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Use EDGE Modems in Ubuntu OS

Those of you who work in Ubuntu operating system may find it difficult to use Edge Modem. Well, in my quest to use GP internet with ubuntu. So, here is how to use Edge Modem in Ubuntu OS...

The modem model I used was PC Data one....but others will work as well.

Once you connect the modem to your PC, it will be displayed as a CD-ROM device, until the driver software flips it to modem mode. After that, Ubuntu OS will recognize it as a modem and show it as "mobile broadband" (version 9.10 and later)

You're not done yet. You need to install Wine www.wineHQ.com. Use another net connection if available or get the .deb package.

Now, plug-in the modem, and install the software in it. You'll notice when it gets to the "Installing driver" phase, the modem will have flipped and network manager will show "Mobile Broadband". 

Click on it and follow the instructions to complete your installation.

Next time you use it, simply run the software installed, or open the wine folder, go to the modem's software folder, and find something like Driver.exe or install driver.exe and run it. That's it, you're all set!

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