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Marketing Your Blackberry App

The world of Blackberry apps is huge! This was one of the first phones to create apps and they have a lot of classics that have been receiving downloads for a long time. Trying to put your new app into that market will take some hard work to make it to the top. Marketing you Blackberry app is a key for success. Here are some tips to get you started.

The first recommendation is becoming an alliance member. An alliance member will have a point of contact in the Blackberry App World. Becoming an alliance member will have your app regularly featured as a headline app. For example it would be a round robin sort of organization, meaning however many are featured on the one page it will change and carousel through to other alliance members applications. This is a sure thing for increasing your downloads because it will be recurring often, rather than becoming lost in Blackberry App World.

Add your name or brand to more than one app. Make a portfolio of apps so your name gets the most exposure. Of course, this can be made difficult at the start because there may not be enough money to develop numerous apps. This is a plan to keep in mind when proceeding further with app development. Large portfolios allow developers to advertise different types of apps, meaning different categories. It also makes for a larger demographic pool allowing for all different pricing.

If you want quick results, go with social media. Millions of people use the social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. Twitter may not be the best media to take on yourself, but if you become an alliance member then you can have Blackberry tweet about your app. Another option is to follow the account of writers from your favorite tech website or blog. Tweet them about your new app and they could push in on to their followers. Facebook allows you to keep a public page where anyone can browse to "Like" your application. When a person likes your post on Facebook, you then have the option to message that person giving them more information on the app. Blogs need to be searched for and the respondent must be an active writer. Blogs provide the most valuable feedback because people feel obligated to leave their thoughts on a blog post.

Review sites are a great idea to consider, as well. Although many app reviews are not full of strong opinions and suggestions you can put your app into the App World Vendor Portal. Here in the Blackberry review center people really say whatever is on their mind.


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