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Fox man/woman

Megan Fox is a tattoo loving, free spirited actress and model who has catapulted to stardom after her brilliant performance in Transformers the movie. Many people now know her as the Transformers star, Mikaela Banes. Others know her as the sexiest woman alive, a title she rightfully deserves considering that over 10 million people voted in FHM’s sexiest woman alive survey. A look at her pictures will clear any doubts regarding her status as hottest girl alive. Her ancestry of French, Irish and Native Indian probably played a
role in her beautiful features. Her hair is definitely a characteristic of Native Indians, as are her eyes. She is in the early stages of her career and is striving hard to define herself as an actresses. This cutie wants to be known for more than just eye candy. She wants to captivate fans and critics with her acting because according to her, a career that is merely founded on looks won’t last. She doesn’t hold back and in severa articles revealed some of her insecurities such as the one pertaining to her career. The thing is – there is an amazing buzz radiating around Megan Fox and there is good reason why she was voted “Next Big Thing.” About the only negative thing we have on her is that she smokes cigarettes.


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