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Why Do I Need a Tax Attorney?

Tax Attorney’s are lawyers who specialize in tax payer representation. They provide advice in the areas of taxation and the law. They can represent you in many different case as pertaining to tax law. They will help you to look at the important aspects of everything from common personal tax liability to corporate tax laws. In most cases, they do not need to have you present to represent you to the IRS as an IRS tax attorney. They will work to create a balance in your tax problems.

There are many different types of specialty Tax Attorneys. They may specialize in a few different fields. We are going to discuss a couple with you to help you see what they do and how they can help you. You should look for an attorney that has experience with the IRS, working with you, the taxpayer, and also have debt management cases and experiences that they can document to you. All Lawyers should be able to give you reference to their successful handling of a situation that is either exactly like your or is very similar to yours. Â

International Tax Attorneys specialize in helping people who live abroad or people who are from foreign countries who live in a different country then their own. If in the event a person living abroad is having problems with the IRS, they would contact and International Tax Lawyer to handle it because they will need to be handled with special care due to them not presently being in the country. Here is a small sampling of what they specialize in to help the foreigner or the national who is currently out of the country, tax planning, joint ventures, income sourcing, foreign tax credits, allocations, deductions, tax treaties, foreign financing, foreign currency transactions and much more. If you have anything that you are considering doing with foreign money contact an International Tax Attorney.Â

Business Tax Attorneys specialize in just business. Some of them may even be CPAs, which would be an excellent benefit to a client. They would be able to talk to not only their accountant but also their lawyer. The lawyer is not allowed to sit on the stand and talk about the conversations that have been had with the client. The client would have the benefit of being able to speak freely with their business accountant and the lawyer confidentially.Â

There are also Income Tax Attorneys, Payroll Tax Attorneys, Corporate Tax Attorneys, and many other types of attorneys that you can contact. If you can think of a type of attorney that you might need, they probably exist. Take a look at taxattorneyguru’s directory (Locate a Tax Attorney) and you discover the right one for you!Â


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