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hair laser removal washington

Laser hair removal in Washington DC is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for both men and women. If you are sick and tired of shaving, waxing, or tweezing unwanted hair on a daily or weekly basis, and are looking for a more permanent solution, we have exactly what you need. Many men and women are turning to the latest trend in hair removal - the laser. For those interested in our revolutionary non-invasive procedure, here are all the facts that you need to know before you go under the light. This procedure has been hyped around the globe as the permanent solution to unwanted hair removal and has shown great promise in delivering on that claim. However, before investing your valuable time and hard earned money into Laser Hair Removal treatments, we suggest you do a little research.

The effect of removing unwanted hair by laser was first discovered by dermatologists in the late 1960s. Dermatologists discovered that during treatment for skin conditions with lasers, the removal of hair in the treatment area happened to be a side effect and because of this, lasers have been studied extensively for years for their hair removal effectiveness. Many different types of lasers have since been approved by the FDA and now professional treatments for Laser Hair Removal in Washington DC are available to all interested residents.
Today, Laser Hair Removal in Washington DC is one of the fastest growing non-invasive cosmetic procedures on the market. Last year alone, over one million individuals underwent laser treatments around the globe. At our Washington DC clinic, all of the technicians are trained and certified on the latest laser hair removal equipment; this guarantees professional Laser Hair Removal treatments each and every time you visit. To learn more about our approach to this extraordinary treatment, come in for a free and confidential consultation. We’ll give you all the information you need and get you set up for a series of Laser Hair Removal treatments at our Washington DC clinic that will leave you with nothing but hair free skin!
The GentleMax™ by Candela: A Newly Integrated Multi-Wavelength Aesthetic Treatment System that Takes Aesthetic Laser Treatments to a Whole New Level.
Candela has effectively combined two of its premier lasers, the GentleLASE® and GentleYAG®, into one complete system. The Candela GentleMax™ was specifically designed to allow for the treatment of virtually all patients, no matter their skin type. This newly developed laser features both 755nm and 1064nm wavelengths, consistent with alexandrite and Nd: YAG lasers; therefore, it is capable of providing safe, effective aesthetic treatments for patients with all skin types, including tanned skin.
The GentleMax™ system can be used to treat hair removal as well as other aesthetic laser treatments such as skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and pigmented lesions. The GentleMax™ makes it possible for one device to combine the attributes of two. Because of t his evolution in aesthetic laser treatment, Laser facilities can now offer patients faster, more effective laser treatment experiences each and every time they visit. The GentleMax™ is used to treat a variety of skin conditions including:
* Hair Removal
* Skin Rejuvenation
* Facial & Leg Vein Treatments
* Fine Line and Wrinkle Reduction
* Skin Tightening
* Vascular Lesion Treatments
If you are looking for a safe, effective aesthetic laser treatment, the Candela GentleMax™ is the way to go. With its multiple wavelengths as well as spot sizes ranging from 1.5-mm through 18-mm, fast and effective treatments can be provided for a variety of aesthetic skin conditions. There are other multiple wavelength systems on the market today, but none come close to matching the speed, effectiveness and versatility of the Candela GentleMax™. Looking for GentleMax™ treatments close to home? Search for a laser hair removal clinic in your area and find out if treatments with the GentleMax™ will help to achieve the results you desire.
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