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Los Angeles Metro Court DUI Lawyer

A DUI arrest especially a first offense DUI/DWI charge can be a traumatic experience. After the arrest there is a mountain of information you will need to deal with to have a triumphant outcome. First you will need to schedule an administrative driver’s license hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles, it will vary from state to state but is usually 7-10 days from the day of your arrest.
Your next should be to hire an experienced and skilled lawyer to see you through the all the procedures. Craig Sturm of Sturm Law has the knowledge and experience and will fight for the best possible outcome for you. Craig Sturm knows what evidence to look for in your DUI case, just because you registered a .13% BAC, blood alcohol concentrate reading does not mean that you are automatically guilty of a first offense DUI charge and you should give up hope.

Having an attorney at your side will help you through the complicated red tape that can be enormous to an inexperienced attorney yet alone someone who has been charged with a DUI arrest. Sturm Law has the working knowledge in the specialized area of DUI/DWI defenses and the numerous methods used by law enforcement in field sobriety tests and breath/blood alcohol testing. Craig Sturm knows all the Los Angeles courthouses, their judges and the prosecutors…and they know him for going to trial and winning.
Craig Sturm has handled over 2000 DUI cases. He was a former Los Angeles County Public defender and managed the largest Criminal Defense firm in California. Craig Sturm defends clients throughout the Los Angeles area. At the heart of his success is his ability to provide excellent legal representation to his clients at reasonable rates.


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