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California Motor Home Lemon Law

Dealing with a problem motor home or RV? Can't seem to get your new motor home or RV fixed? It's possible that you're driving a lemon. Luckily, California's Tanner Consumer Protection Act ("California Lemon Law") gives vehicles owners who have a defective vehicle certain rights once they have made a reasonable effort to repair the vehicle.
Under the California Lemon Law, buyers who repair their motor home or RVs four or more times, have the vehicle out of repair for more than 30 days, or discover a condition with the motor vehicle that could lead to death or serious injury within the first 18 months of ownership or 18,000 miles of driving are entitled to a replacement vehicle or a full refund.

The California lemon law does not apply to all vehicles, but the ones it does cover should be refunded or replaced by the dealer who sold you the car. If you've attempted to repair your defective motor home or RV four or more times and the problem still has not been resolved, you can ask for your money back or a replacement vehicle.
Unfortunately, some dealers don't want to comply with California's lemon laws. If that's the case, you need an experienced legal team on your side. An aggressive and seasoned California lemon law lawyer can help you with legal strategy, negotiate between parties, and make sure that your vehicle is replaced or refunded with a minimum of hassle and stress. In addition, a lemon law lawyer can be a great ally while researching whether your motor home or RV is in fact a lemon and can help you with documentation and investigation of your case.
Your motor home or RV should be a ticket to freedom, not a ball and chain! Fight for your rights with the help of an experienced California lemon law attorney. The Law Offices of Howard D. Silver is committed to justice for those who have bought a lemon motor home or RV. Think you've bought a lemon? Call Howard D. Silver today and make lemonade. A telephone consultation is free and completely confidential.


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